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23rd Apr 2014 Uncategorised

Love YouTube? Well, you can now get all the latest news from the top news channels in the world on YouTube News Channels by ObiBee! Our Channel list is continuously updated and you don’t have to install any other application in order to use this app!
Channels can be watched on 2G (GSM/EDGE), 3G, WIFI and WIMAX connections.

| BBC | CNN | Al-Jazeera | ABC News | Fox News Channel | The New York Times | Wall Street Journal

DISCLAIMER (Important): 
Information shown in this app is fetched from YouTube public channels. All the rights on this information are reserved by the respective YouTube channel owners.
YouTube News Channels by ObiBee does not own or host any content. It simply aggregates links to public YouTube channels in a convenient, user-friendly interface. We do not provide streaming content ourselves. This application is designed to enable users of android phones to easily find and access news media content over the Internet. If you make use of this application you agree to respect the rights of the content owners. If not please DO NOT download this application.


*Incredibly small app size!

We know data plans are often expensive and phone memory is limited what with all our apps on your phone! We care, so we make sure our app size is data plan and device friendly!

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