WhatsApp voice calling feature finally here: here’s how to get it enabled right now

13th Mar 2015 Trending

WhatsApp has finally integrated voice call functionality into the world’s most popular instant messaging app. The WhatsApp call feature finally looks to have been made available to anyone with the very latest version of the WhatsApp app. Here’s how to get WhatsApp voice calls on your phone.


Enable Whatsapp Voice calls

How to enable WhatsApp voice calls

Update: The ability to activate voice calls on WhatsApp finally seems to be here for keeps. To get it, you need to update your WhatsApp app to v2.11.561 via Google Playstore - even the official WhatsApp website still only has v2.11.560 (and that version failed to enable WhatsApp voice calls for us, whereas v2.11.561 has worked first try on several devices).

You’ll need to enable Unknown Sources in your Security settings first and get a call from someone you know that already has the WhatsApp voice calling feature enabled. You’ll then see three tabs at the top of your WhatsApp interface: calls, chats and contacts.


Once you receive a call from someone with WhatsApp calls, you’ll see three tabs. / © OBIBEE

The calls tab will show you a detailed call log and in any chat with a WhatsApp contact you’ll find that the dialer icon at the top now makes calls direct via WhatsApp and not the regular dialer. We’ve tested the latest version with several phones and they all worked first try, so it looks like the wait is finally over and WhatsApp voice calls are here for everyone. Still, there’s no need to wait for the right version to hit the Play Store is there?


You’ll get a detailed call log and can now make calls yourself. / © OBIBEE

How to enable WhatsApp voice calls (with root)

In case none of this is still working for you, there is another way for rooted users to force the feature onto their phones, but it is a bit of a pain, as you’ll need to be connected to your PC and open a terminal every time you want to WhatsApp call someone (until it is enabled permanently for you).

Just open a terminal emulator and enter the following command:

su -c am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity

Have you got the feature yet? Will you now turn to WhatsApp as your default dialer?