What is Responsive Website Design?

02nd Dec 2013 Web Design

Technology in Kenya is fast-moving and almost everyone out there has more than one device they can browse the Internet from. A sector statistics report by the CCK for the third quarter of 2013 indicates that mobile data/ internet services dominated the internet data market in Kenya, contributing 99% of the total subscriptions, that is, 9.6 million subscribers. As you can see, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile traffic then you are losing a huge margin of traffic to your website.


So what should you do? The answer to this question is a Responsive Website Design. A Responsive Website Design allows the user to easily read and navigate through the content in your website without having to scroll or resize the window. This means that instead of having separate websites for different platforms, you will have one website that responds to whichever platform the user is using to access the site.

Now you may be wondering, what’s the big deal? Well, a responsive website is what your users want when they visit your website. If someone visits your website from a laptop and likes it so much they want to revisit it while in transit, say from their smart phone or tablet, they expect to get the same experience. It is your responsibility to ensure that they get that. In this day and age where customers are well informed about the market, if your website is not optimized for them, they’ll be happy to go to the competition where they can expect better service. You may have great content for your website but if your customers are having to wait longer or do extra work to be able to view it, you will either get traffic that doesn’t convert to sales or lose traffic altogether.

As current trends and statistics show, mobile traffic isn’t slowing down anytime soon and neither will desktop or laptop traffic. Responsive web design is the inevitable future. If you’re having your website created for the first time, make sure you ask for a responsive design. For those who already have websites, a redesign job to a fully responsive website would do a lot of good.

At ObiBee, we do customized web design in Nairobi, Kenya including redesigning existing websites, ensuring great website functionality, trendy and responsive designs and an overall user-friendly experience for your website users. Optimize your website with us for any and all platforms and begin to see changes in your business now.