Recipe Ninja Pro by ObiBee

23rd Apr 2014 Uncategorised

Are you are a foodie, chef or just love to cook? Then this app couldn’t be more perfect for you!
Recipe Ninja Pro by ObiBee is the #1 recipe app on Android, now available for Free! It premiers with a wide selection of the rich and exotic Kenyan Cuisine featuring recipes from various parts of the country. We’ve all seen those recipes with names of food we can’t even pronounce and even worse ingredient lists – glossy magazines coming to mind? It’s like they don’t want you to cook! Well, this app uses simple language, no overly complex ingredients or unheard of crockery! Armed with a prep time and cook time, a list of ingredients, step by step instructions on how to prepare and a few spicy suggestions, you’re good to go with this app!

Updates delving into other cuisines will be soon made to bring delicacies from different parts of the world to the palm of your hand.


*Easy recipe search.
Tired of scrolling? We’ve got you covered! Just type a key word and hit search and we’ll serve you up with results that match the recipe you are looking for!
*Tablet Support
Recipe Ninja Pro comes with better multiple screen support. Two pane layout will be displayed when the app is run on a tablet and single pane layout when run on a smartphone.
*Sharing recipes feature
Found an exciting recipe that you’d love to share with people in your life? There’s a share feature to your friends via email, facebook, twitter, whatsapp or any other sharing app. Get the word out, tell a friend to tell a friend!

*Incredibly small app size

We know data plans are often expensive and phone memory is limited what with all our apps on your phone! We care, so we make sure our app size is data plan and device friendly!

Your feedback is important to us. If you like us, your favorable reviews and ratings are welcome, preferably 5 stars ;-)

For questions or support, contact and we’ll answer your questions.


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