Memory Game Pro by ObiBee

23rd Apr 2014 Uncategorised

Are you stuck in traffic, a bank queue, or worse – a party where you don’t know anyone? Then Memory game Pro by ObiBee is what you need! It is a comprehensive memory matching game for kids and adults – uniquely stimulating and fun, reinforces the memory skills, while helping with concentration and the recognition of objects.
This application is uniquely designed to reinforce player’s’ involvement and success by providing positive feedback while improving their cognition skills.
This application is specially designed for kids and adults looking to indulge the child in them, to enjoy with exceptional, fun high definition graphics and intuitive sounds.


ObiBee is committed to your personal development.

* This memory app will keep you entertained, educated, have you occupied in the restaurant or anywhere while on the go.
*ObiBee Memory game is designed to help increase your brain power along with improving your memory.
* Memory Game will improve your’ memory skills.
* Memory Game will develop your concentration and cognition skills

*Incredibly small app size!

We know data plans are often expensive and phone memory is limited what with all our apps on your phone! We care, so we make sure our app size is data plan and device friendly!

Your feedback is important to us. If you like us, your favorable reviews and ratings are welcome, preferably 5 stars ;-)

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