Currency Converter Pro by ObiBee

23rd Apr 2014 Uncategorised

Do you travel a lot or maybe deal with multiple currencies? Then Currency converter Pro is an app you’ll appreciate having! Equip yourself with our currency conversion app and convert every major world currency on the go! This simple Currency converter app by ObiBee runs on the daily latest rates as enlisted in major stock exchange houses and banks the world and lets you convert more than 100 currencies!

– Set the frequency of rate updates and updates method (manual, in background or once per day).
– Select your rates source (User data, European Central Bank or Forex)
– Set your default currency

– Stores the last updated rates
– Convert prices without internet access
– Cached rates

*Incredibly small app size!

We know data plans are often expensive and phone memory is limited what with all our apps on your phone! We care, so we make sure our app size is data plan and device friendly!

Your feedback is important to us. If you like us, your favorable reviews and ratings are welcome, preferably 5 stars ;-)

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