An Effective Web Strategy

22nd Jan 2014 Strategy



The first step in making an entrance into the online space is to develop a website for your business ensuring that it is user-friendly, meaning; a responsive design should be used to ensure that users can access the page from any device – PC, mobile phones, tablets etc. – and be able to easily read and navigate through the content in the website without having to scroll or resize the window. Appealing graphics and functionalities that anticipate your users’ needs and cater to them should be incorporated, to ensure the user enjoys using the site and is even inclined to give referrals.

The second step is to create content that will be continually managed as your business develops. Content is important in Brand Positioning and must therefore be managed carefully as it is among the first things customers will use to learn more about your business and gauge it. It is also crucial in Search Engine Optimization which is next on the web strategy.

Web optimization is done in order to generate and continually increase traffic to your website, effectively increasing its online visibility. This will have been incorporated in the Site Design & Development stage and be continually exercised in the Content Creation & Management Stage. Your website may also seek to create a pool of subscribers through email subscription to your blog or news feed. Email Marketing can be done through this pool of subscribers, encouraging referrals (referral marketing) through a simple email forward to a friend.

A Social Media Marketing Campaign s important for every business and must  target the customer demographic most likely to be interested in your products and/or services. This is done not only to create awareness of  your products and services and your business in whole, but also to convert visitors into customers, and dormant customers into active ones. You may choose to feature your products and services on Social Networking sites (Such as Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest) to gain a wider reach and provide information about your business such as physical location, your website address, contacts et cetera.

Pay per click (PPC) Advertising is done through online marketing portals such as Google Ad sense, Facebook PPC ads, Google Ad mob et cetera at the peak of this web strategy. These PPC Ads which also incorporate SEO will help you reach people who are already looking for what your business is offering and are thus more likely to convert to customers. It also supports geo-targeting which increases the intensity of the campaign in the regions your business is targeting at a particular time. It also allows for control of the advertising budget to suit our needs and helps monitor how effective the advertisement is through the various Analytic tools provided.